Choosing a Hair Dryer Stand

The hair dryer is a tool most of us use many times weekly and, for people with longer hair, it is absolutely indispensable. Because of that, it is important to make sure that it is always placed in a convenient place, ready to use.

Why use a hair dryer stand

Using a hair dryer stand can really improve your day to day hair routine, as it makes using a hair dryer much more convenient. Instead of losing your dryer among all your other tools, by using a stand you can make sure to always find it in the same place.

No matter what type of hair dryer stand you choose, you will be able to place it anywhere inside your house. It will improve your hair care routine, giving you an experience similar to the one in a hair salon.

What to look for in a hair dryer stand

When choosing a hair dryer stand for yourself, there are several things to keep in mind to make sure you get the best experience. First of all, getting a stand with adjustable height and 360 degrees rotational properties makes sure you can conveniently dry your hair from any angle and height.

Secondly, you need to make sure the base of the stand is heavy. This not only will allow you to make sure it won’t move from its place, it will also balance the weight of the hair dryer, so that your stand won’t topple down. Lastly, you should look for stands made from certain metals: stainless steel is a particularly good material, as it is strong and incredibly durable.

Where to buy the best hair dryer stand

If you are not sure yet which hair dryer stand to purchase, there are several options that can be found on Amazon, at decent prices and plenty of positive reviews. The highest rated product is the LuckIn Dryer Stand, a tall, flexible stand that can be attached to any furniture using its adjustable clamp bottom. Its flexibility allows it to be rotated up to 360 degrees, making it a great tool to make sure you can get the perfect hairdo from any angle.

Another great option is the Skywin Hands Free Hair Dryer Stand. This stand is small but highly flexible, as it can be shaped in any way you want. It is easily attached to furniture and can handle even the heaviest hair dryers.

If you are looking for something bigger but still convenient, then the Pibbs DH12 Dryer and Iron Holder might be the not as flexible, but has two additional holders on the side. This holder is mostly useful for storage purposes, as it lets you store your hair dryer as well as other two electrical appliances. The base of the stand is highly rigid, in order to make sure the weight of all three tools will not affect the stability of the stand.