Tips to Take Care of Oily Skin in The Summer

Summer is synonymous for many people of the beach, the sun, holidays and fun. For people with certain types of skin, though, it can often mean the arrival of uncomfortable shiny and oily skin with very little means to fight against it. Luckily, if you have oily skin and it is a problem for you when the sun peeks out of the last spring cloud and illuminates the summer months, there are things you can do to minimize the damage!

Before we even get into makeup or skincare products, something that too often goes overlooked is sunscreen. Everyone should wear some even in the winter, where the sun doesn’t shine as much but is just as vicious. In the summer, it’s an evidence: to take care of your skin and avoid breaking out and feeling oily and sweaty, sunscreen is essential to your morning routine. If you’re out and about all day, reapply it every 4 hours or so. Your skin will thank you!

In the summer months with this type of skin, regular and consistent skincare is oily skin’s best friend. The first step is always to wash the skin properly with the right products in the morning and right before bed. The best fit for oily skin would be a cleanser that is gentle and will tighten your pores to make them look more “matte”. Look for cleanser with alpha hydroxy acid, they will do the job of cleaning your face without encouraging oil secretion. Be careful not to wash your face too often either, it will tire your skin and make it worse instead of better. If you’re not a fan of cleanser, toners also do an excellent job for oily skin.

Moisturize! This tip is a classic. The sun will dry your skin more than usual in the summer, with awful results. It’s good to keep a moisturizer always in your bag to freshen up your face during the day and keep it glowy but not oily- aloe vera especially is an excellent moisturizer that has a matte finish. Any water based moisturizer will also work just fine for after tanning usage.

Exfoliating is something you should do year-round, but be careful in the summer: if you do it too often, just like cleansing your face, it will make it work. You need to remove dead skin weekly and not any more frequently or it will weaken your skin and accentuate the oil production. Find a natural and gentle exfoliating product and do it once every 7 days or so. After exfoliating, use a face mask. Clay ones are perfect for oily skin as they will absorb oil and make your skin healthier which will reduce the shiny effect that we’re trying to get rid of.

An extra tip, if your skin is very oily and you have trouble keeping up with it is to invest in blotting papers. They aren’t expensive, but they won’t attack your screen and will allow you to absorb excess oil without ruining your makeup or drying your skin. Keep them in your bag and whip them away when needed! Since it’s summer, you might as well try these tanning lotions with tingle effect.

The takeaway of these tips is to treat your skin kindly and gently, even if it gives you trouble. Take the time to find products that are good for you, and don’t overuse them. Keep hydrated, change your sheets regularly to avoid breaking out, get into a skincare routine that helps you relax and all there is left to do will be to enjoy the summer months… oil-free!